From the recording San Francisco Queers

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Pick Your Cross Up
By Michelle Rocking Horse Garcia
Salsa n Chips Publishing, ASCAP 2006

D Bm C A D Bm C A
Yah yah oh oh, pick your cross up. Yah yah, oh oh, pick your cross up.

D Bm C A D Bm C Asus
You’ve had enough cant take it no more, you wanna live for what worth’s dying for
G Asus G
cause something’s missing but you don’t know what
Asus G Asus G - A hold
And you lost your faith in Luck, you wanna change but your feeling stuck.

Repeat Verse Progression

Em F#m G A Em F#m G A
Pick your cross up, it will set you free. No more illusions how life is going to be
Em F#m G m- Gm9
Pick your cross up and follow me.

Bb Am Eb maj7th
If there’s a better day that’s coming, than any we’ve ever known
Dm – D Bb Am
A day were called to throne, then we’ve got to be ready, oh oh oh got to be strong
Eb maj7th E aug+ D – Bm / C – A :ll 4x
Any day now, any way how, it might not be long.

Repeat: Verse/ Chorus/ Chorus out