From the recording San Francisco Queers

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Tipping the Scales
By Michelle Rocking Horse
ASCAP, Salsa n Chips Publishing

INTRO Notes: ( d-c#-a / g-f# / g-g-g-f#-g-a / d-c#-a/ chord A-G ) 2X
g-f#-d-c#-a / g-f#-d-c-b-a-g-a / (g-a-g-a) 2X / d-e-d-e / g-a-g-a

VERSE:ll Fmaj7th // // to A.....riff :ll
I want to live I want to die, I want to do the things that I have never, never I.
VERSE:ll Fmaj7th // // to A.....riff :ll
I want to taste the bitter sweet, the hidden joy we often keep so private, yah we do.
VERSE:ll Fmaj7th // // to A.....riff :ll
I want to look truth in the eye and know to tell when it's a lie your selling, are you selling me?

G-Gsus / F-Fsus / A / A //// G-Gsus / F-Fsus / A / A
Is it tragic or a magical tale? I'm not trippin I'm just tippin the scales.
G-Gsus / F-Fsus / A / A G F F A
I'm tipping the scales, with a magical tale, Ooo-Ooo / Ooo-Ooo

I wanna wish upon a star, I wanna take it just as far as it can go.
I wanna watch the sky turn red, disappear and go to bed with nature.
I wanna dream like angels do, make a vow with someone who can show me, can you show me how?

Back Up Vocals:
Got to find my balance so I'm tipping the scales (many times)
Over Lead Vocal out:
Is truth like a child full of ambition, pushing boundaries back as we transcend tradition, watching efforts grow in difficult conditions, invoking chance with hope that finally someone listens.